How many do you do?

Press ups? Number of Wheatabix eaten? Girlfriends, boyfriends?How-Many

None of these in fact…How many words do you write each day?

I’m just beginning to delve into the world of blogging and trying and get one article a week written on each of my three blogs. I attempt to do it all on “super Friday” when I have a day free.

On that day I can write up to 3 – 4000 words…Wow!

snoopy_writingI’m also writing a new book and trying to find the balance between inspiration and perseverance to get it done. I’m at 35000 words so far and am going for at least a thousand more words each day. Most days I manage to do more.

I find that most of the books needs to be prepared within me over many years of my life. There is a “time for everything under the sun”, and, like the labour pains and peristaltic waves that signal the birth of a baby, a surge of dictation from the unconscious announces the happy event of a new discourse.


The battle is finding the balance between inspiration and perspiration, dedication and delight.

William Faulkner said:

“I only write when I’m inspired…but I’m inspired every day.”

To all my fellow bloggers and writers…

May you be inspired every day!

I’ll finish by giving you a link to an excellent article by James Thayer:

“How Many Words A Day”

“The secret of becoming a writer, is that you have to write.” Jerry Pournelle







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4 Responses to How many do you do?

  1. shame it’s not pressups – I can do about 50 now!!

  2. Three 4,000-word posts? Wow! Such passion for writing. Best of luck on your new book. Cheers! =)

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